Dreaming about quay

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Queen ? See dream dictionary: people quest to be involved in a quest is the unconscious demonstrating that we are to face trials and tribulations to obtain the prize at the end. The quest is always deemed important by the individual because they are prepared to suffer to gain.
Dreaming of a quay, denotes that you will contemplate making a long tour in the near future to see vessels while standing on the quay, denotes the fruition of wishes and designs.
Ships alongside a quay are a straightforward omen of travel, but a quay without ships is a warning of possible disappointment due to idleness or neglect of duty.
(dock, etc ) if you dream that you are standing on a quay and see huge ships being unloaded then you will take a long ocean voyage if you speak with the workmen then will you find disappointments in your love life or your home many ships moored at the quay means your wishes will be fulfilled.

Meaning for seeing quay in your dreams

A dream of a quay suggests that you are considering travelling it may also imply that you are considering a new chapter in your life.