Dreaming about question

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In general, it is good luck to ask questions in a dream; but if someone questions you and you are unable to answer, the augury is not propitious.
To be asking questions in a dream is indicative of awareness that one requires knowledge in a certain area. It can also mean we need to ask questions in waking life to acquire knowledge.
Call for reply controversy uncertainty expression of some doubts about something to question the merits of a thing in your dreams, denotes that you will suspect some one whom you love of unfaithfulness, and you will fear for your speculations to ask a question, foretells that you will earnestly strive for truth and be successful if you are questioned, you will be unfairly dealt with.
Call for reply controversy uncertainty expression of some doubts about something.

Meaning for seeing question in your dreams

A dream where you ask a question implies that you will be successful in your endeavor if someone asks you a question in the dream then this suggests that you are knowledgeable.
Words that stand out in a dream are usually a clear message describing something that needs to be heeded in fact, often you will wake up with words on your mind as the dream state changes into waking state these words are capturing the dream imagery so stop and observe if you can see this happening upon waking these words will sometimes become prophetic (capturing events that will unfold during the week) and is an interesting exercise that allows you to see how dreams have a different time sense.