Dreaming about quilt

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Dreaming of covering yourself with a patchwork quilt predicts a reunion with several members of your family. A down quilt is a sign that you will be soon able to afford more luxury.
The presence of a quilt or a blanket in a dream often represents the dreamers need for reassurance and security. Especially if the quilt is one? S childhood security blanket. Such a presence typically relates to a security need of some sort.
Dreaming of a luxurious down quilt is an omen of increasing prosperity; a patchwork quilt signifies domestic happiness.
Dream you buy or wear a quilted jacket, means you take your new purchases home.
A quilt suggests warmth and protection a patch work quilt symbolizes the joining together of various aspects of your life to form a protective covering.
A quilt suggests warmth and protection a patchwork quilt symbolizes the sewing together of various aspects of your life to form a protective covering.

Meaning for seeing quilt in your dreams

A dream featuring a quilt implies that you may expect some pleasant experience to take place in your life it may also imply that you require more love and security in your life.
A quilt can represent the need for security in both positive and negative ways if you cover yourself with a quilt to be warm, you might examine if you are feeling a sense of coldness around you because you are remaining distant from others if you are making a quilt, you are taking steps to incorporate security in your life a blanket can also show how you may be covering or protecting something that needs to be explored if it is the blanket or quilt of your childhood, you may need to examine whether your fear of intimacy stems from the type of love you received as a child the dream is showing your desire to bring warmth into your life.