Dreaming about quinine

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Dreaming of quinine, denotes you will soon be possessed of great happiness, though your prospects for much wealth may be meager to take some, foretells improvement in health and energy you will also make new friends, who will lend you commercial aid.
Whether you took it or gave it, this bitter dose in a dream is telling you that you are in bondage to old habits or associations that are holding you back freedom may be hard to achieve, but the effort will be rewarding.
Dreaming that you taste quinine, is a warning of colds or communicable diseases to dream that someone swallows quinine, predicts that you will enjoy good health.
– see quinine in a dream: be overcome by a great feeling of happiness, but the prospects of wealth are rather meager; – take: improved health and more energy, make new friends that support an economically.

Meaning for seeing quinine in your dreams

– (Take it) shows a coming malaise, fever.