Dreaming about quiver

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A quiver is used for holding arrows. To dream of a quiver is affected by who we observe carrying the quiver as the bearer is implied to be holding potential weapons. These may be intended for us on us (emotionally) or someone close to us. Thus, the person with the quiver should be treated with caution and/or kept clear of.
A dream in which you were aware of the quivering of a person or an animal suggests that you are subconsciously worried by some form of obsessive overindulgence (such as sex, liquor or gambling) if you can’t kick the habit on your own, get professional help to dream of a quiver full of arrows is an indication that closer attention to the target is needed if you are to attain your aim.
A dream where you quiver implies that you are going through a period of extreme emotions it could also just be that you are cold during your sleep.
A dream that focuses on the quiver that carries bows and arrows offers a message about focusing on what is important you may need to establish goals or examine what you are working to achieve and whether or not it is right for you carrying bows and arrows on your back can also be a message about being too defensive see also arrow and bow.

Meaning for seeing quiver in your dreams