Dreaming about quiz

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If you dream of answering questions in a quiz, the answer is good or bad according to whether you give the right answer or wrong answer.
If you dream of taking a quiz, the meaning relates to whether or not you had difficulty coming up with answers. If you had fun taking the quiz and scored well, you will have easy success in whatever you are trying to achieve. But if you had trouble, got confused or scored badly, you have a fear of failure that’s preventing you from trying your hardest at something.
Dreams of quizzes and exams take us back to feelings of anxiety we experienced prior to taking an exam in high school or college where are you being challenged in your waking life? Are you under a deadline at work? Will you ? Pass the test? In the eyes of your peers? Back to school dreams also can reflect feelings of frustration in our personal and professional lives will we ever ? Graduate? To the next level?
Taking a quiz or exam in a dream can be a type of initiation to examine whether your beliefs are serving you in a productive way if you are late for the test and therefore fail, your own insecurities are undermining your ability for success a person doesn’t succeed in life if they believe they will fail failure is a prerequisite for success all accomplishments are achieved after a series of trials that include missing the mark if you have suddenly forgotten what the material is about, you are being given the opportunity to let your old way of thinking go.