Dreaming about radar

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radar in a dream signifies a sense of paranoia in that we feel we are being watched or have been ?detected? for some reason or another. if the dreamer is using radar it can suggest that he or she is very intuitive, perhaps to the point of clairvoyance.
A dream about radar means that you are either seeking attention, or trying to avoid it because you fear being “found out” in some situation
To dream that you could see or use the radar, indicates that you will get information that will enable you to surpass its competitors
To dream of radar indicates a sixth sense is active around a particular incident in your waking life it cautions you to listen carefully there is an implication of criminal activity; it may not be the time to become involved in anything underhanded, as there is little chance of success

Meaning for seeing radar in your dreams

This is a tool that allows you to observe what cannot be seen with the eye offering a message about intuition or guidance, you may dream of radar as a sense of acknowledging what may be coming at you ‘from left field ’ usually offering details related to things that fly, the symbolism can suggest ambitions something can be ‘on your radar’ as an idea that you are currently exploring see also sonar