Dreaming about radiator

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a radiator symbolizes your heart and circulatory system and asks you to share your warmth with others (radiate it)
Remorse over an alienated friend is signified in a dream of a cold radiator; regret is a futile waste of energy, but try to profit from the experience by thinking before you speak in the future a hissing radiator in your dream is a sharp warning to stop considering a shady deal or furtive affair; if you give in to the temptation, you might mortgage your whole future if your dream concerned an overheated car radiator, your love life needs unsnarling
To dream that you are buying a radiator, indicates that you must not lose time in vain of regrets, rethinking and contrition, but give time directly to your work to dream that you repair a broken radiator, indicates that something in your love life needs attention
To dream of a radiator suggests that you may not be getting the warmth that you desire from a loved one you would like to remedy the problem to dream of a cold radiator indicates that you might like to examine your expectations of another, as they may not match a fear of intimacy that lurks within on the other hand, an extremely hot radiator may mean that your expectations are too high and there is a need to look within you could be withholding the love