Dreaming about rage emotion

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Rage (anger) in the dream often stands for other passionate feelings. The dreamer is struggling with whether he has the right or not to impart his grief expressed. Perhaps he is incapable of expressing his strong feelings in waking properly, while he succeeds in his dream. Rage (anger) symbolizes internal or external conflicts that disturb, and we must try to process them to reconcile, for example with an opponent.
The human can give himself permission to feel passionate sexually or in other nature. The wa,y we express emotions in dreams, can inform in appropriate behavior in everyday life.
The dreamer is suffering under the displeasure of God.
European – Fall into a rage in dream: points to reconciliation, settlement of a difference; – To be angry or to be mad or furious: there is one before a temptation; Also: disappointment by close persons & broken friendships or enemies may again attack your property or even you; – To remain calm, while other are furious: you can mediate between contending friends that they will trust you for gratitude; – To bring someone from rampage: the settlement of a difference will not satisfy you; – To see an angry person: contains a reunification; – Dreaming of a mad man (rager, tyrant, maniac): enemies will openly oppose your projects; – To see an angry animal or animals in dream: friend defends your name.

Meaning for seeing rage emotion in your dreams

Hindu – To be angry in dream: anger and annoyance; – Dreaming of furious animal or animals: you will eliminate obstacles; – To see Rager (tyrant, maniac or madman): your persistence will be crowned.