Dreaming about ramp

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to dream that you going up a ramp, signifies your struggles in achieving a goal if you succeed in reaching the top of the ramp, you have the resources to be successful at your task in real life if you dream of going down a ramp or being stuck at the bottom, you are having trouble doing something important to you
Going up a ramp in your dream represents the trouble it is taking you to reach your goal however, you are a determined person and will not let it stop you from getting to the top if you are unable to go up the ramp it means you let things stop you from getting what you want you have to try harder and not let obstacles hinder you going down a ramp denotes regression in your life
To dream that you could see a ramp, means you will be directed with responsibility or tasks
To dream that you are going up a ramp represents the difficulties you go through in pursuit of an ambition it stands for your willpower and aspiration to dream that you are unable to go up a ramp suggests that you are not able to overcome your difficulties hurdles will continue to block your way to dream that you are going down a ramp suggests a level of uncertainty in your waking life