Dreaming about raspberries

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dreaming of ripe, juicy berries is a good omen, representing good luck, pleasant surprises, abundance, prosperity and new beginnings if you dream that a person brings you berries, that person loves you and wants you to do well in life berries can also have a sexual meaning, and if you dream of eating them with (or receiving them from) someone you are crushing on, it suggests you have a strong attraction to that person if you dream of pigging out on berries, or particating in a berry pie eating contest, you have a lustful nature that you need to keep under control if you dream of picking or eating berries that aren’t ripe yet, you still have a lot of work and effort ahead of you before you will achieve your personal goals
On the bush, in season, raspberries signify business and/or family unity; harvested or eaten from a bowl, they predict passing pleasures
To dream that you gather raspberries, means you must seek new sources of income dreaming of eating raspberries, means you will pass on little things and will have mild health ailments to dream you see raspberries, suggests that you are ahead of little everyday joys