Dreaming about rats

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what do dreams about this subject mean? before determing what your rat dream means, you must first ask yourself what you associate with rats, says o’connor are you afraid of them or do you think they’re cute? “rats are seen by many people as pests that carry disease or cause other problems so they have many negative connotations,” she notes “yet rats are also survivors, able to withstand harsh environments and highly intelligent the meaning will evolve from both your association with the qualities of rats as well as what is going on in your current life ” what can i learn about myself from dreaming about rats? “the first thing to think about is whether you or someone you know is behaving unethically in a situation in your life,” suggests o’connor “you often hear the expression that someone is a ‘rat,’ meaning he is untrustworthy or has betrayed someone ” alternatively, a rat in your dream could represent feeling like you’re caught in a maze somewhere in your daily life are there any tricks to avoiding or inducing dreams about this subject? if you fear rats, set the intention of waking up in a dream if a rat appears “this is a technique known as lucid dreaming,” she says “in a lucid dream, you can notice you are dreaming and take control of the dream events and overcome your fears ” if you want to dream about rats, then visualize rats before falling asleep beyond analysis, what cultural symbolism can be found in dreams about rats? “in chinese culture, the first symbol of the zodiac is a rat and people born in a rat year are said to possess the positive qualities, including creativity and intelligence, of a rat,” explains o’connor “in hindu tradition, rats are associated with the god ganesh, who is worshiped as the remover of obstacles in some native american traditions, rats are symbols of survival and lack of fear ” dreamers from these various cultural traditions may find a different meaning from those in a traditional western culture who tends to have dreams about this subject most frequently? according to o’connor, rat dreams do not affect one swath of the population more than another does it mean anything if the rat is dead in my dream? dreaming about a dead rat may mean you’re overwhelmed or frightful about a situation in your real life it could also represent letting go of a relationship, especially if that relationship involves betrayal “in that case, the dream is letting you know that the situation has come to an end,” notes o’connor
To dream that you killed a rat, means you are to get back what you lost dreaming that you see adult rats, means you may have health problems and loneliness to dream of a young male rat, indicates that you will have a misunderstanding or trouble at work
To dream of rats symbolizes the presence of extremely disagreeable or distasteful thoughts alternatively, it signifies feelings of uncertainty, guilt, envy, or other repressed emotions that are eating at you it may also stand for someone who personifies the characteristics of a ‘rat ‘ a black rat represents secrecy and deceptive acts a white rate is an omen that you will receive help from am unexpected source in your time of trouble and distress to dream that a rat is biting your feet portrays your daily life as a ‘rat race ‘ you have a preoccupation with your ever busy waking life
To see rats in your dream, signifies feelings of doubts, guilt and/or envy you are having unworthy thoughts that you are keeping to yourself but are eating you up inside alternatively, it denotes repulsion the dream may also be a pun on someone who is a rat to see a black rat, represents deceit and covert activities to see a white rat in your dream, denotes that in your time of distress, you will receive assistance from an unexpected source