Dreaming about recluse

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Recluse (Hermit) may actually represent a desire to withdraw from life and people. Perhaps this is due to frustration and resentment from which one can not be overwhelmed, that they would regret it later. Some people want to retire, however, to find themself, which may be a good decision. As a teacher and counselor appeared on the hermit, then often with a long white beard (he reminds them of old representations of God the Father). Old dream books know a number of other interpretations, depending on the circumstances in the dream, for example: – see hermit against falsehood and hypocrisy warn others who want to harm one, sometimes one has to reckon with failures, although it has made ??considerable effort. – Hermit show the need for more sociability. – Hermit in a circle of other people have the feeling of not being understood by them and therefore insulated. Hermitage (Hermitage) interpret Indian dream books often as a reminder to love your neighbor more, so that one is also believed itself. If you are together with your spouse in a hermitage, this indicates a relationship that leaves little room for external stimuli and therefore over time become monotonous.
With him our soul wants to show how we feel lonely, in fact, even though we might be in good company very sociable. It^s the loneliness that comes from within, possibly searching for a man who knows you completely and takes you so, as you are.
– Hermitage: do not lose the love for the people; also moving into a crowded city; – with a spouse in a life: the spouse or loved one will drop a bore and a burden, one urgently to revive the relationship; – see recluse: you^re not a practical person, you will have to deal with hypocrites; – see one: sadness and loneliness promulgated by unfaithful friends, you need wise counsel; – be: quiet happiness; pursue the investigation more complicated topics and participate in lively discussions; you will enter into a club you have lost faith in humanity and want to retire; – an encounter with torn or tattered clothing: announces a bad news; – be one with torn or tattered clothing: you will make a fruitless labor; – as such in his own apartment come and are not recognized: means a longer separation from family; – be at the home of a hermit: be to others selflessly.
– beware of dangerous society.

Meaning for seeing recluse in your dreams

– see: you will have to get through hard times; – be self: have a comfortable life in prospect.