Dreaming about recognition

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dreaming that others are recognizing you for your hard work symbolizes that same thing in your waking life continue doing what you are doing, do not worry because soon your hard work would pay off if you dream that someone else is being recognized it suggests you admire qualities of that person or someone they represent
To dream that you receive recognition, means you are to make friends or get acquainted with influential personalities
To dream that you achieve recognition indicates that you are a naturally ambitious person to recognize someone in a dream can have many meanings you may have unfinished business between you and the person, and your dream is asking you to recognize it alternatively, your subconscious may be referencing a character trait that the person represents for example, to see your mom in a dream may not directly represent her or your relationship with her, but it may refer to ideas of nurturing, compassion, family or love
Jeder braucht Anerkennung und dieses Bed??¼rfnis nach Anerkennung zeigt sich Besonders Dann im Traum, Wenn Sie einem. Jiems Alltagsleben versagt bleibt.