Dreaming about reconciliation

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to dream that you reconcile with someone, indicates that you are happy
To dream about reconciliation signifies renewal of an existing friendship in your waking life you need to cast away your worries and burdens to exhaust efforts in resolving an existing problem
Reconciliation can promise, as the Old-Indian book interprets, a quick success which you haave also earned after a lot of effort. Other dream books warn for an implacable enemy.
– To dream that you reconcile with somebody; is considered to unforgiveness in the life; – To experience the reconciliation: one will have an implacable opponent.

Meaning for seeing reconciliation in your dreams

– The dream about reconciliation: you have mental distress; – If you get reconciliation: your efforts soon will be rewarded.
– Reconcile with friends: watch out for quarrel, conflict and strife; – Reconcile with an unknown person: you will be able to facilitate conscience by a confession; also: a new friendship announces, that will possibly continues a whole life; – Reconcile with an enemy or adversary: To toil without you, it is very difficult for others.