Dreaming about relationships

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dreaming about people in current relationships signifies those relationships in your waking life the dream could bring light to something you would not notice when you are conscious use the relationship in your dream to understand what you are not seeing in your waking life on the other hand, a dream of being in a relationship with someone you do not know symbolizes you, sort of like the half of you that you hide
It is common to dream about our relationships you can interpret this dream by remembering the details and comparing them to the realities of your daily life in your dream state you may be experiencing some wish fulfillment or confronting things that you would normally ignore some say that relationships with strangers in your dream state represent the different sides of your personality
To dream about your waking relationships, indicates wish fulfilment in your dream state, you may be able to confront issues that you would normally ignore or are afraid of bringing up compare your dream relationship with your waking relationship to dream about a relationship with a stranger, represents the different sides of your personality