Dreaming about relatives

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relationship there are parts of you that feel the need to be acknowledged
If you dream of having a relative that doesn’t exist in real life, you may be wishing for more love or friendship in your life
Relationship there are parts of you that feel the need to be acknowledged
Freedom from worry is forecast in a dream concerning cousins; aunts and uncles signify money matters; and other relatives (apart from immediate family) are an omen of help when needed
To dream of your relatives, indicates that you will not worry to dream that you have a conversation with others, means that you wait for danger
To dream of the sight of your relatives denotes personal involvement with your family, and the emotions associated with them this dream mirrors some aspects about yourself

Meaning for seeing relatives in your dreams

To see your relatives in your dream, signifies family issues or feelings they represent some aspect of your own self
When you describe characters in a dream as relatives, they are usually not the immediate family if they are, see family people can appear as family members in a dream, although in real life you don’t know who they are this type of setting usually reflects an experience that has left you wondering about your behavior and dynamics relatives not included in the immediate family can represent that side of you that you believe might ‘rescue’ you from the family dynamics that you inherited aunts, uncles and grandparents provide care in a more unconditional way since everyone in a dream represents ‘you’ explore what they represent to understand emerging characteristics that might help you through difficulty see people