Dreaming about remote control

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to see a remote control in your dream symbolizes that someone is manipulating you the dream refers to a certain relationship or situation in your life that is too controlling
This heinous little wand, so frequently misplaced in the waking world, is often found inexplicably in dreams its appearance is not a happy occasion, but rather a signal of your inner fear in whatever you seek to control by remote, you will find hidden aspects that scare you take a hands on approach to your daily habits, or risk a shift to melancholy
If you dream that you use remote control, you are ahead of major changes in life and a kind of rebirth you are not a random person and you have a special mission, so discover what it is
To dream of a a remote control suggests being in a situation that is beyond your control it may also suggest that you are being manipulated

Meaning for seeing remote control in your dreams

To see a remote control in your dream, symbolizes that your buttons are being pushed by someone, a relationship or situation that is too controlling