Dreaming about renovate

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if you dream of renovating a room or house, you are open to new ideas and people
Out with the old and in with the new! renovating a place is very difficult and so to is renovating your mind and body when you dream of making renovations, it represents your progress of moving forward you now have a new approach to life and your old ways are no longer
To dream that you are renovating indicates the exit of old ideas and traditions in favor of new approaches use this when trying new ways of strengthening ties with other people it also suggests that you have conquered adversaries in your waking life
To dream that you are renovating, signifies that old ideas or habits are being replaced by new ways of looking at the world and interacting with others it is also an indication that you have triumph over much adversity

Meaning for seeing renovate in your dreams

Buildings symbolize aspects of our inner architecture when we are undergoing change and transformation we may dream of making renovations to specific areas associated with the rooms or type of building we may remodel the kitchen when we are making changes to how we move toward greater fulfillment we can renovate a bathroom as a way of ‘coming clean’ of self defeating behavior or fears of intimacy if we renovate the bedroom, we can be making changes to how we approach sex or changes to our beliefs as in ‘we made the bed we lie in ‘ renovation to commercial buildings can represent changes in how we approach work renovation usually leads to a more comfortable expression of who we are see various structures and rooms under houses and buildings see also demolish and furniture