Dreaming about reptiles

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to dream of rescuing someone suggests we have a need to be acknowledged and commended by others possibly as a result of feeling underappreciated, devalued and/or inferior. to dream of being rescued infers we are struggling and need help to escape a situation we perceive to be dangerous.
To dream you kill a reptile, means you will get rid of the trouble and will get over your problems to dream your house or bed is full of reptiles, means success or profits will be hard work if you dream of reptiles, suggests you are waiting grief and worries
Reptiles and snakes in a dream relate to instincts and sensations that are somewhat unconscious and self regulating the reptilian portion of the brain is the oldest and is associated with autonomic reactions, sex and survival mechanisms often dreams of reptiles will portray organic and autonomous functioning that remains unconscious to you our most ancient evolutionary processes are captured by the image of reptiles they shed their skin and move around on all fours in a fight or flight posture, symbolizing insecurities or a sense of panic that may need to be controlled this primitive side of your autonomic functioning and your relationship to it, will be portrayed in the type of reptile and your interaction with it