Dreaming about rifle

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to dream about a rifle may mean you feel pressured by a male person in your life it can also represent anxiety and the need for protection also see “shot”
If in your dream you have a rifle over your shoulder, then you are going to change your home if you use or see a rifle, you will have problems with friends or relatives if you load a gun in your dream, then you are going to experience great turmoil or will fall in love hearing a rifle means you are about to hear bad news
The rifle can be a sexual idea symbolizing how being more intimate can make us feel more deeply many times weapons serve the purpose of penetrating our walls to bring our vital essence (life blood) beyond the surface sometimes the association can portray the pain involved with opening up to be more intimate see also weapons and utensils
– see: you^ll be in good spirits; – (rifle) shoot: will not frivolous; – open box (box): you will learn something new.

Meaning for seeing rifle in your dreams

Hindu .
– see rifle: pull yourself from danger in eight; – get: honor; – (rifle) to include: rash actions will repent you.