Dreaming about ring engagement

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if your lover gives you an engagement or wedding ring in a dream, it’s a sure sign that you’re thinking about a committed romantic relationship but how the ring appears in your dream lets you know how you really feel about your lover if the ring in the dream is ugly, missing or turns your finger green, it symbolizes that your waking life feelings toward that person have changed he’s not giving you what you need to be happy and you’re not ready to walk down the aisle if you’re embarrassed to show the ring to your friends or family, you may feel your partner isn’t a good match with your social circle, or you may feel that he’s been treating you poorly recently, and your friends and family know about it if your lover gives you a ring but the diamond is missing, you may be wondering what’s taking him so long to get to the point is the diamond you’ve been waiting for ever going to appear? happy dreams of proposals with rings that you find beautiful are signs you’ve met your true love it’s time to look your lover deep into his eyes, and make this dream a reality related dreams shining emeralds