Dreaming about rise up

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Here the view is directed in the future, in which one wants to improve spiritually and materially. Who climbs onto a roof used his head to achieve a rise in life. Climb a mountain states, therefore, that one can achieve promotion to a higher level of life, only with some effort. Is a mountain too steep, you can fail a plan or just started working, then one should use his power better on other projects that lead to success easier.
– easily rise up to the mountain, stairs, slope: you will reach the destination safely, successful completion of a business; – climb a mountain with great effort, stairs, slope: you will be rewarded only after overcoming many difficulties for his work; – climb along with the romantic partner a steep mountain peaks: the longing for sexual climaxes awake; – on a white horse: happiness and success; – on a black horse: success, which will not stop.
– find yourself in the air: great honor expects you; – the stairs: denigration and contempt.