Dreaming about ritual

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river ? see dream dictionary: water road ? see dream dictionary: journey robe to dream of oneself in a robe can be interpreted as either vulnerability (i.e. covering up), relaxation (i.e. at ease), or spiritual superiority (i.e. priest robe). if the dreamer is dressing someone else in a robe it suggests he or she are attempting to protect that person.
A dream of doing a ritual signifies that you live a routine life day by day you do the same things with the same schedule you have to find a way to mix up things and spice up your life a bit
To dream that you fulfill a ritual, means that you must prove your loyalty or respect to someone, to win favor
Attending a ritual in a dream can be a way of exploring habitual behavior in an objective way this symbol combines the idea of sacred – or how we are giving something unnatural importance in a way that may not be healthy examine what is taking place in the ritual and how the characters may be representing certain aspects currently undergoing transformation see also ceremony