Dreaming about roast

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to carve a large roast in your dream portends towards a celebration to which you will be invited.
To see or eat roast in a dream, is an omen of domestic infelicity and secret treachery
Although the oracles vary considerably in their interpretation of this dream, the majority appear to agree that eating roasted food is an omen of general good luck to carve, serve or buy a very large roast is a forerunner to a family celebration, and a roast fish is a sign of a happy conciliation or reconciliation
To see or eat roast in a dream, is an omen of domestic infelicity and secret treachery
To dream of a roast, signifies that you expect good conditions and good days
To dream of a roast symbolizes depression brought about by a betrayal or a secret this may also relate to worries surrounding your domestic life
To see or eat roast in your dream, signifies melancholy in the home, betrayal, and/or secrets
Roast symbolizes that something is cooking (mature) and can come to a favorable conclusion. Maybe the icon has the sense of smell a rat; also points to an opportunity or a risk. Who wants to fry something, contribute to the success of something, perhaps point to its guests, fellow human beings, in a good light. When the roast burn, we may have all credit playful.

Meaning for seeing roast in your dreams

The roast is the symbol for the Sunday and especially for Sunday lunch with the family. When the roast is rejected in a dream is often behind the rejection of the bourgeois family rituals and you should think about his emancipation and reconciliation with the family. Glad you are in the dream about the roast, then you can among other behind a longing for the cure (supposedly) world suggests the family. The roast is also available for the culture because it is a contrast to the raw. Some dreamers dream symbol associated to roast a good diet and that one should pay more attention to his diet. More care is required for preparation.
– roast in a dream: invitation to visit festivals or high; – to see or prepare: you will receive an invitation, a good omen; – see the family eating: prosperity and bright future, favorable business or other profits; – eat one yourself: family misfortune, treachery, threat of poverty; – smell: you make a lot of programs without success.
Hindu – A few days and you^ll be able to talk about success.
– see: good prospects; – eat: beneficial transactions; – burnt and foul-smelling: bad coincidences.