Dreaming about rock

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to see rocks in your dream may signify that you are feeling solid in a relationship, or are considering making a commitment to a person or a cause. however, rocks may also symbolize stubbornness, disharmony and unhappiness.
When the portrayal of a rock (or rocks) is significant in a dream it signifies strength and stability. however, it can also highlight rigidity and coldness. the context of the dream will afford the individual more information as to its meaning. for example, if the dreamer finds themself stuck ?between a rock and a hard place?, this infers that person is already in that position or might be soon.
Hard petrified looking for a source of strength
Hard petrified looking for a source of strength

Meaning for seeing rock in your dreams

An obstacle dream persistent difficulties that you will have to circumnavigate patiently are portended if you couldn’t move the rock in your dream if you were able to move it, or get around or over it, you can expect a general improvement in conditions a rock falling is a sign of change
Dreaming of dancing to rock music, indicates that you should get ready for a dynamic change and should be ready with new acquaintances
The rock holds the element of the earth in its most ‘concrete’ form and can be associated with what was once earthy and malleable, which has hardened and become inanimate when you are ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place,’ you experience the sense that either choice has difficult consequences, therefore the rock is often a symbol of difficult transitions you may dream of carving something from a rock as a way of giving new definition to a way of being that has become hardened if the rock appears valuable or sacred, then the message suggests the need to ‘hold to’ the things of value that you may be ignoring or discarding