Dreaming about rope

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connecting restraint looking for more control
To see ropes in your dream, represents some connection or a way to hold things together to dream that you are walking on a rope, suggests that you will engage in a doubtful investment or deal, but it will prove to be successful to dream that you are climbing up a rope, indicates your determination to succeed and overcome adversity it may also represent your climb to the top if you are climbing down a rope, you are experiencing disappointments in some situation to dream that you are tied up in ropes, signifies that you will let your heart guide you against your better judgment
Connecting restraint looking for more control
To dream of seeing or handling a coil of rope signifies the successful completion of a difficult task or assignment to uncoil rope predicts the beginning of a new chapter in your life if your dream featured the making of rope, you will soon learn the reason behind a long standing mystery or puzzling situation a rope noose indicates an unfortunate personal entanglement that will entail some unpleasant moments to loosen to dream of walking a rope signifies a propitious period for speculation; to see someone else walking a rope is a sign of gain through influential friends

Meaning for seeing rope in your dreams

To dream of a rope, means you are to finish work that you started a long time ago to dream that someone else takes the rope means you have kindness and innocence to dream another takes the rope, suggests you will be tolerated and protected by important personalities to dream that you see someone throw a rope, means you will know about unusual events around you to dream you are bound with rope, indicates you will be dependent on a strong personality and will begin a serious relationship
A dream where there is a rope symbolizes your connection to people and things in your life it can also represent security and how engrossed you are in things
A rope is usually associated with safety, as in ‘throw me a rope ’ you can unwittingly hang yourself ‘given enough rope ’ it can be a symbol of a barrier if it is blocking your way see knot