Dreaming about rug

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if you dream of walking on a large, luxurious velvety oriental rug, you will inherit a fortune when you least expect it. but you will have to make a dollar go a long way if your dream is of rugs that are worn and full of holes.
Seeing a rug in a dream indicates that you are attempting to protect yourself from society and its dangers consider the metaphor, sweep under the rug maybe you are trying to hide your pain and problems below the rug
To dream of a rug, indicates that you are to stand to pretense and lies to dream that you stretch or are buying a rug, suggests that your beloved may be cheating on you or they may lie to dream of a wet, torn or burnt rug, indicates that you may have very bad relations with partners who are incorrigible dreaming that you weave a rug, suggests that you should care for your family
To dream of a rug signifies your attempt to shy away from harsh realities, or to cover up for something you would rather hide try to recall the design and condition of the rug for additional interpretations of your dream an old, worn out rug suggests you are being manipulated, bypassed, and trampled on by others

Meaning for seeing rug in your dreams

You may dream of a rug when you are sweeping an issue under the carpet the rug can also symbolize the need to establish a foundation that brings you more comfort in life patterns in a rug can portray how you are exploring the part you play in creating your circumstances a flying carpet represents how you would like to rise above current circumstances through fantasy at some level, you may recognize that your ideals need to be ‘more grounded ’ see also carpet