Dreaming about running away

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if you dream of running away from home, you are trying to avoid an issue in your real life. pretending it doesn’t exist could make things worse – you will not solve problems until you face them head on. this dream also suggests that you are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions. in cases where the dreamer’s home life is very difficult, this dream can represent a straightforward wish to live in a happier place.
Dreams of running away from someone or thing in a dream reflect a desire to get away from or avoid a person or issue in your waking life if you don’t know what you are running away from in your dream, recall the feeling you had while trying to escape it feelings in dreams are never disguised, so try to identify who or what is causing you to feel that way in your waking life
If you dream of running away, you should stop running from yourself, and your problems you can solve these only by facing and conquering one?s fears