Dreaming about sack

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good luck in your current affairs is forecast if the sack was full; if it was empty, it signifies obstacles to be overcome
Dreaming that you see sack, signifies that you are helpful and have a pleasant journey dreaming that your sack is lost or stolen, predicts that you have to defend your place more and also need to defend your rights to dream your sack is full with belongings or clothes, predicts that you will have random, or chaotic profit dreaming that you see you sack is empty, means you will not execute any of your hopes
To dream of an empty sack indicates wishful thinking dreaming of a sack that is bulging with the unknown implies a great deal of anticipation over an event in your waking life a future activity may be causing you to be excited and making it difficult for you to concentrate on the things that need your attention right now when sacks full of goods appear in a dream, there is a suggestion of nighttime activity and secrets to keep