Dreaming about salary

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money from an unexpected source is predicted in a dream of being refused an increase in salary; however, if the requested raise was granted, it is a warning that you could suffer a loss of status or a demotion unless you pay more attention to your work if you dreamed of spending money on the basis of a raise, it is a warning to economize, as you are likely to have to cope with either a temporarily reduced income due to business reverses or an unanticipated drain on your resources to dream of paying a salary is a forecast of financial gain
To dream you got your salary, suggests expected unforeseen expenditure to dream that you are not receiving your wages, suggests unpaid bills and loans dreaming that someone needs a salary, means to strictly take care of your finances
To dream of speaking about your salary in a positive way may mean you have a thoughtful and grateful conscious and therefore are likely to expect good fortune emotionally and possibly financially dreaming of feeling unhappy about your salary or talking in a negative fashion suggests a downward mental spiral that may need to be addressed now before you begin to feel depressed someone coming to you with news of a salary raise is a message to you that you are able to make emotional changes necessary to better your life generally