Dreaming about sale

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good value fear of taking a good opportunity
To dream that something is on sale, represents opportunities that are readily available to you
Good value fear of taking a good opportunity
An increase in material possessions through a legacy or valuable gift is forecast in a dream of going to a sale; to dream of the sale of personal belongings predicts an approaching increase in income
Dreaming of a sale, means you may expect losses dreaming that you sell your property or the property is given up, represents that what has been achieved so far will turn back into a frivolous, but secure income to dream that you buy anything from a sale, means your profits will be negligible and successes minimal
To dream that an item is on sale could signify that you need to take advantage of upcoming chances and prospects
Affordability; opportunity.
What I^m looking and I fear I can not afford?

Meaning for seeing sale in your dreams

It is used for opportunities, but also a warning that something in us is sold off;.
– to dream sale means: it provides an opportunity to realize an old dream.
– Loss you through a process.