Dreaming about saliva

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if your dream featured the saliva of a dog, it indicates that you are needlessly concerned regarding the loyalty of a friend or colleague; you can stop worrying a dream of the saliva of a horse is a forecast of prosperity, and the saliva of other animals suggests that you will shortly find a way to overcome your present obstacles and/or outwit your opposition
To dream that you spat, means you’ll be intimate with a trusted person and thanks to someone, you will have many benefits
To dream of saliva indicates that you possess intense sexual awareness or you are feeling excessively imaginative if you dream that you are spitting out your saliva, this represents that you are fearful about not being able to retain control of situations, whether they be physical or emotional to dream of the saliva of an animal is a sign that you harbor extreme emotions of fury and wrath
To see saliva in your dream, symbolizes sexual/sensual appetites or some creative energy to dream that you are spitting out your saliva, implies that you are having some anxieties about losing control, either physically or emotionally to see the saliva of an animal in your dream, denotes intense feelings of anger and rage

Meaning for seeing saliva in your dreams

As a ‘wet’ substance that comes from the mouth, seeing saliva can symbolize superficial communication when a deeper exchange of feelings might be necessary to see someone ‘spit’ can represent unacknowledged anger or the idea that something said has left you with ‘a bad taste in your mouth ’ drooling or seeing someone drooling can be a way of exploring feelings of inadequacy or unacknowledged passion