Dreaming about scaffolding

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scaffolding, when high up, indicates the dream is about your spiritual side (higher side) other symbols in the dream give the specific subject matter this will most likely be given by the building in question scaffolding around the education centre of a church is about your spiritual education scaffolding at a post office is about channeling and so on
To dream that you see a scaffold, suggests that your intentions will be realized soon and you should be patient to dream of a scaffolding, suggests that the success and the fate of what you deal with are still uncertain
To dream that you are walking on scaffolding indicates that you are nervous about a high position you have obtained or would like to obtain in life it may seem like the life you have built for yourself is a precarious network of luck and lies to feel light and free standing on high scaffolding indicates that you are comfortable living on the edge and moving ahead in whatever direction life leads you
– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.

Meaning for seeing scaffolding in your dreams

Hindu .
– scaffolding in a dream means great honor.