Dreaming about search

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search and not find: instills the need to find something that is lacking within. can be spiritual or need for self-examination. search and find: signal of accomplishment and self-capability.
The meaning of a search dream must be determined by referring to the purpose and object of the search however, to dream of searching for an unknown purpose or thing is your subconscious reminding your conscience that you are wasting your time in meaningless activity and/or relationships
Dreaming of searching an area, suggests that you will lose something, and efforts to get it back will be in vain to dream that you search for your dream house, suggests that enemies and strangers will intervene in your personal life to dream that you search your pockets or clothes, means you are lowering your social status or may find poverty
To dream that you are searching for something indicates that your life is lacking something of importance perhaps you are seeking an explanation to a question or dilemma
To dream that you are searching for something, signifies the need to find something that is missing or needed in your life you may be searching for a solution to a problem
– search anything for a missing item: is omen great dissatisfaction; – the object is found: applies to unexpected joy or sudden unexpected fulfillment of a long-cherished wish.

Meaning for seeing search in your dreams

– None dream explanation in Islam.