Dreaming about seaweed

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to dream of swimming amidst tangled seaweed is a warning that you must resist against being influenced to act against your personal values and principles a firm stand will pay off other dreams about seaweed are suggestions that you need to rely on your intuition and trust your own instincts
Tangled seaweed in a dream is a suggestion to resist being influenced to behave contrary to your own principles a firm stand will pay long term dividends
To dream you see algae, suggests you soon will amend the rules, you will be prone to provocation, you will have a finger in unfair and kinky activities and will ignore your wishes for something to do with your compromises
To dream of seaweed indicates that you must be confident that your feelings and perceptions will guide you down the right path
To see seaweed in your dream, suggests that you need to rely on your intuition and trust your instincts
Generally symbols associated with the sea can relate to the unconscious or the deeper aspects of the self seaweed is a plant that grows underwater and can suggest what is growing ‘below the surface’ in the unconscious it can be a positive symbol of how you have the gift of inspiration that you may not be tapping it can be a negative symbol showing current entanglements that relate to complexes that you are not addressing see also sealife

Meaning for seeing seaweed in your dreams

Floating in the deep waters of life energy, willingness to work with your deep feelings, which can lead to just such a spirituality. Such a dream can have spiritual, sensual and teaching connotations.