Dreaming about security

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in dreams security is always negative and indicates you are protective in some way and the dream is asking you to let go of this security the specific security mechanism is usually referred to in the same dream for example, if a security guard is trying to impress a group, it means that your security blanket is to impress others with your gift this is not the way to approach the subject matter of the dream be comfortable within yourself regardless of how you think others perceive you
These are pretty basic dreams that suggest you need some security in your life if you see a security guard or are need to be protected by one suggest you desire to be loved and protected
To dream that you try to enter a place in which is guarded with security, signifies that you go over obstacles to solve trouble dreaming that you are in security, means that you are uncertain about intimate relations dreaming that you see security guards on site, suggests that you threaten something at home and at work to dream that you guard something or someone, means you should take care of your financial situation and budget
To dream that you have a sense of security implies that you harbor feelings of vulnerability the dream is attempting to counteract this sense of helplessness you feel as if you are being threatened in every aspect of your life

Meaning for seeing security in your dreams

To dream that you have a sense of security, suggests that you may be experiencing much insecurity in your waking life the dream is compensating for your lack of security you need to feel well protected, both physically and emotionally