Dreaming about seduction

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dreaming of seduction, suggests that you have to be on guard when they praise and flatter you
To dream of seduction represents fantasies that you have regarding sexual issues you may also feel as if you have lost control of your decisions and are being forced to do something totally against your character
To dream of seduction, is an expression of your sexual desires alternatively, you may be feeling lured into doing something you might not otherwise have done you may be giving up your power of choice
The seductress is such a powerful image, for both the male or the female psyche, that can appear in a dream in many disguises. It is the female principle in its blocking and destructive property: the wicked witch or the beautiful temptress. It has the power to create illusions, and the ability to deceive others.
A female dreamer meets  the seductress, it is the negative and destructive side of the female. Understanding is more appropriate response to this picture of a fear.
The temptress is the destructive side of the female. The mythological figure of Lilith is its embodiment.

Meaning for seeing seduction in your dreams

– If a young woman dreams of being seduced, she is defeated too quickly by the temptation by attractive people. – If a man believes in having a seduced girl, he must be careful, because there are people who accuse him illegally. If his beloved is shocked or annoyed about his requests, the woman loved by him is irreproachably and blameless. If she is with him, he will become a victim of their financial claims.
– You are dreaming that you are in seduction: someone holds you for bad; – In the dream somebody is seduced: you have thoughtless acquaintances.
– In the dream you became seduced person (to any injustice): bad people will cheat you.