Dreaming about semen

Fertility potency there is something that you are bringing into being.
Creative ideas; masculine self. Seeds of new growth.
(sperm) in a dream, semen represents a growing and a lasting capital, whether there is little or much of it if one sees a drop of semen coming out of his reproductive organs in a dream, it indicates money that will surface if the man's semen spatters over his wife in the dream, it might mean that he will buy her a new garment owning an earthenwarejar filled with semen in a dream means uncovering a hidden treasure"or becoming wealthy ifthe husband is spattered with the semen of his wife in a dream, it might predict that he will satisfy his desire for her and attain his purpose drinking water from one's own reproductive organ in a dream means lustfulness if the husband sees a thick yellowish fluid flowing from his wife's sexual organ in a dream, it might predict she will give birth to an unhealthy child ifa reddish fluid flows instead in the dream, it represents a short lived child if it comes out as a black fluid in the dream, it might mean that such a child will grow to dominate the family and to be an unjust master of the household the ovum of a beautiful woman in a dream means happiness, wealth and children semen in a dream also means attaining one's goal, comfort, or wasting one's capital, divulging one's secrets, or the death of a child if a farmer sees semen in his dream, it might predict that he will work on a barren land and make it fertile (also see impurity; sexual intercourse ; vagina).
The sign of masculinity and of physical maturity, semen is often seen in dreams as some other milky fluid. Dreams have an odd way of manifesting images of primitive rites and practices of which we may have no conscious knowledge, such as depositing semen in the earth.

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