Dreaming about separation

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dreaming of separation can relate to feelings of abandonment in significant relationships. it generally indicates anxiety and fear that your partner will leave you.
A dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might think you can expect to reach a better understanding with the object of your affection
To dream of a separation of acquaintance or a stranger is a prophecy about a meeting or a new acquaintance to dream of separation at the birthplace, suggests to expect to travel safely with a successful outcome of your work
To dream of a separation symbolizes the division of a friendship or association this division may be causing you great apprehension it can also mean that you are feeling confused about a situation or occurrence, and you are unsure which decision is correct

Meaning for seeing separation in your dreams

To dream of a separation, represents a waking situation or relationship that is breaking apart you may be experiencing separation anxiety alternatively, it indicates that you are feeling torn apart and divided your feelings are pulling you in opposite directions