Dreaming about serial killer

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to dream about a serial killer foretells sadness caused by the misdeeds of others if you are the killer in your dream, this means you will be involved in some dishonorable adventure which will damage your reputation if you were killed or pursued by the serial killer, this symbolizes enemies who are working against you if you dream that the killer spares your life, you are hopeful that an enemy or rival will stop working against you in real life be careful about relying on hopes, however!
If you are a serial killer suggests that you inherent qualities that are dangerous to others around you   you might be trying to kill good aspects about yourself   you might want to think about what you are killing off in your walking life run!  being chased by a serial killer is a nightmare   is something catching up to you in life that you dont like   are you afraid somebody will overpower you?  dreams of being killed by a murder suggest that you are letting others get the best of you and you can be run down easily