Dreaming about sewage

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yuck!  any dream of seeing of being in dirty sewage means that^s how you feel inside   you might feel dirty, ugly or down right no confidence   you should hang around more positive people in life and rid yourself the negative energy
If you see a sewage in your dream, you will have difficulties in the workplace if you fall into a sewage pit or pipe, then you are to be defeated by a rival or opponent if you are a trader and dream of sewage, then you have trouble ahead with transporting goods or outstanding transactions if you dream of a dirty water sewage, expect serious trouble, but if it is clean, your problems are going to be short and not serious
Wash away dirt; symbol of the need. You want to get rid of a burden better to not know; something unpleasant save yourself a chance(I wash my hands in innocence;).
– Dirty and greasy: bad meaning, dreams of muddy water out is not a good interpretation; – Clean and pure: a better meaning.