Dreaming about sewer

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sewers always indicate your colon in particular it indicates that toxins are building up in your colon and from there they get into your blood stream your dream is asking you to detoxify
Underground secrets negativity ready to get rid of certain feelings
Dreaming of a sewer indicates that your pessimistic outlook tends to make you a victim of circumstances try trading your negative outlook for a more optimistic and hopeful view
Underground secrets negativity ready to get rid of certain feelings
Something stinks and you must get rid of it   you life might be going through some complications and its time you need to recognize it   depending on the context of your sewer dream might have a different meaning   what was the sewer like?  was it overflowing? was it backed up and causing it to over flow   the sewer is all of the awful things that we may have piled up in our conscious for sometime now and you need to let it go
Sewers in your dream mean you will have difficulties in the workplace if you fall into a sewer or a gully, then you are being defeated by a rival or opponent

Meaning for seeing sewer in your dreams

To dream of a sewer represents a state of decay in former friendships or associations it indicates the necessity for purification or urgent alterations
To see a sewer in your dream, signifies putrid conditions and old relationships it suggests that something needs to be cleaned up or immediately changed
The sewer combines the idea of plumbing or emotions and excrement or eliminating the unnecessary seeing the sewer reflects how you are not really letting go of something unpleasant perhaps you need to find the learning experience behind a difficult situation so that you can process and release it