Dreaming about share finance

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Shares that are bought in a dream or has to point to the traditional interpretation of financial losses, while the sale promises financial success. This significance is questionable and is probably more popular with reservations against this seemingly insecure; in relation to investment. Burning of the shares of dark smoke threaten receive financial losses, with flames on the other hand financial and professional success, these interpretations are due to the additional symbolism of smoke and flames more realistic.
When the stock as a dream symbol is referred to a faculty or quality of the dreamer who gives them an advantage. Furthermore, the stock also occur as a dream symbol of wealth. Who invests in a dream investigated in a safety sensitive position who they destroyed or sold, will not rely on false friends or counselors.
– buy, deal or have just seen: warns room! financial losses, business worries by uncertainty, it is in concept to enter into ventures that are not always run any risk; – sale: financial success, better relationships; – burn with a dark smoke: financial, material losses; – burn with a bright red flame: financial and professional success.
– to buy: you^ll fall in love.