Dreaming about sheet

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to dream that you see a sheet, suggests that you will have small accomplishments to come dreaming of bleaching or cleaning a sheet, indicates that someone has health problems to dream that you sew a sheet, indicates that you will be proud to dream that you are rolled up in the sheet, suggests that you have some problems in family relations dreaming that your sheets were wet, predicts hazards to dream that you are covered in a sheet, indicates that you may have problems and worries
– sheet (paper) represents the living space we fill with our personality. – If it is blank it is for the new opportunities that will open soon – The written page indicates that it has been written the way forward for the moment. – If you take a written sheet of paper against someone, it may indicate a role model but which one should not blindly follow. – The leaf of a book is understood as a request to acquire more knowledge.
– white writen page: new possibilities and new opportunities are opening up; – written: shows future development opportunities are emerging already; – receive from other people described page: one is under the influence of another (whether positive or negative showing the rest of the dream action); – from a book: new curiosity awakened, very good for studies of all types and contracts.
Hindu .

Meaning for seeing sheet in your dreams

– None dream explanation in Islam.