Dreaming about shipwreck

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to dream of seeing or being shipwrecked implies that you are struggling with inner discord or are finding it challenging to communicate your emotions you may also not be prepared to deal with these aspects as of yet
Dreaming of wreck, whether is it a car or ship wreck, indicate that dreamers plans are thwarted. He must find out the responsibility of the failure whether of himself or of another person. Wreck is often understood in the sense of ruin. In general terms, it warns of a failure in life. The dreamer should, though frustrated by what had happened, continued to fight through to reach its desired goal.
A wreck of any kind represents a defeat on a spiritual level. Whether is it wrecks of a car or boat, they indicate in a dream only your fear and your concerns, perhaps something very important is not fullfilled or created yet (unacknowledged?). And also wreck symbolise only great risk. It is a dream symbol that prompts us to reconsider your burdens and opportunities. Exception recognized only then, when you are dreaming clearly in the wreck your own car: it can not hurt, it must be observed as an accident alert.
European – To see floating shipwreck or on the shore: disappointment in love and announces misfortune in relationship; – Also dreaming of shipwreck: announces the failure of a plan, it is plagued by fear of poverty or sudden bankruptcy.

Meaning for seeing shipwreck in your dreams

Hindu – To see: Do not worry, God will help you.