Dreaming about shoulders

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strength or burdens although you may be cheerful at the moment, there are problems and worries around the corner fortunately they will resolve themselves
To dream that someone has strong shoulders with muscles, suggests that you trust too much on old promises and empty talk dreaming that you have strong and broad shoulders, means you will defeat the enemy
To dream of your shoulders represents intensity, reliability, and afflictions you may have been expected to handle too many obligations and certain situations are arduous for you to endure shoulders also symbolize your aptitude for offering encouragement and caring
A dream featuring your shoulders or where focus is brought to your shoulders represents strength and responsibility the dream may suggest that you are experiencing burden in some part of your waking life, or you are taking on responsibility the dream may also imply that you have the ability to offer support to or encourage others in some area of your waking life  

Meaning for seeing shoulders in your dreams

To see your shoulders in your dream, symbolizes strength, responsibility and burdens it indicates that you feel that you have had too much responsibility to bear and is overburdened by circumstances in your life alternatively, shoulders represent support and your ability to nurture others