Dreaming about shrub

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Bush stands for secrets because we can hide it; translated to a certain isolation from the environment. One can interpret the symbol in the individual case, but also that one should overcome inhibitions by which one is prevented. Bush may like tree to be interpreted. – General a green bush announced an upcoming happy event, lets hope for it, so that you can soon return to full-blooded life (even for charity). – Is the bush withered and bare, you are in conflict with your feelings and announces failure and boredom.
Shrub: do you have hidden behind it? Soak maybe a problem in everyday life like?
– shrub in a dream: quarrels and disputes, a change is appropriate; – lie behind the bush: deceit; – anybody seen lying behind a bush: beware of some people and above gossip; – see one full of green leaves: very happy with good news; – see a dried up: one is located in the near future much bored; – a bald look: a plan is doomed to failure and will fail; – penetrate him: be the change for the better.
Hindu – take off your inhibitions.

Meaning for seeing shrub in your dreams

– see shrub: beware of litigation, they bring you out of luck; – shrubs: you have to overcome obstacles; – see green and blooming: your passion is reciprocated and soon you will learn some news; – cut off and put away: you^ll fight for love through you to the goal; – dried up: it stands before an uneventful time.