Dreaming about sibling

Seeing your sibling in your dream, predicts unresolved issues with your sibling. Consider their actions in your dream and how it may be a reflection of your own self and your character. seeing someone elseI sibling(s) in you dream, represents a quality or characteristic of that sibling that you need to incorporate and acknowledge within yourself.
Seeing your sister or sibling in your dream, means you will meet someone you love. If you have a sister in your sleep, you will have health, happiness and achievement. If you see in your dream your own brother or sibling, you will have peace and quiet in the family. dreaming that your brother is wearing new clothes, it might predict something will surprise you. when you saw in your dreams that you speak with your brother, you both will be rich.
Seeing your sibling in your dream, represents unresolved issues with your sibling consider their actions in your dream and how it may be a reflection of your own self and your character.

Similar dreams:

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