Dreaming about sibling

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seeing your sister or sibling in your dream, means you will meet someone you love if you have a sister in your sleep, you will have health, happiness and achievement if you see in your dream your own brother or sibling, you will have peace and quiet in the family if you dream that your brother is wearing new clothes, it means that something will surprise you if you dream that you speak with your brother, you both will be rich
It is very common for us to dream about all different types of people siblings are a fantastic source of dream material our siblings are important to us emotionally and psychologically we are bound to them on some level throughout our lives; thus, they will appear in our dreams in may different forms we learn important lessons about ourselves through our brothers and sisters they are a reflection on us, and we can not escape their presence and their love, hate or any other emotion if you have many unresolved issues with your siblings, it is likely that they will frequently appear in your dreams see also: people
To see your sibling in your dream, indicates unresolved issues with your sibling consider their actions in your dream and how it may be a reflection of your own self and your character