Dreaming about sinking

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sense of losing the battle to provoke one to fight on.
Sinking in a dream is a symbol for lack of support in waking life because water in dreams is all about emotions, a sinking ship reflects overwhelming emotions about a waking life goal or objective that is “sinking” often due to a lack of financial, professional or personal support similarly, to be sinking in mud or quicksand symbolizes a lack of support, coupled with powerlessness and possible isolation in waking life can you identify the situation that makes you feel that way and work to increase your position and effectiveness?
Beneath the surface you want to get to the bottom of things
Beneath the surface you want to get to the bottom of things
  most dreams we are sinking in water and water is representation of our emotions   you might be going deeper and deeper into your emotions that might cause distress   if you are sinking with more control suggest you are not afraid to explore areas of your emotions
To dream of sinking, foretells that someone close to you will use a way to sabotage attempts to thwart the success of your work

Meaning for seeing sinking in your dreams

To dream that you or something is sinking implies that you feel overpowered by a situation, issue, or person you may harbor emotions of unworthiness and unimportance it is possible that you may be reaching the conclusion of a phase or period in your life pay attention to the item that is sinking and determine the symbolism of this item *see drowning
To dream that you or something is sinking, suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed and that someone or something is pulling your down you may be experiencing lowered self esteem and confidence alternatively, some important and significant stage in your life may be coming to an end consider what is sinking and its significance also drowning
Sinking portrays the idea that your foundation is not solid as a message about your ‘internal architecture’ sinking can symbolize feelings of insecurity or a sense that you are being undermined in your efforts associated with moisture, it can represent how emotions or feelings are undermining your ability to stand up for yourself, or on sure footing see quicksand and muddy under landscape and scenery